1980s Los Angeles

14 and Shooting describes a general period in which I started shooting Los Angeles punk bands and youth culture around 1981 when I was 13. I just loved to shoot and be in the darkroom. I did slow down around 18 years old when I went to college. I left college before completing my undergrad to join the rock band L7. In the following years, I photographed our adventures with Faith No More, Nirvana and other great figures of 90s culture. Still, I never returned to the kind of intimate studio-style portraits or street photography I had started in the 1980s. Around 2015 I noticed many of my old Polaroids, prints, and film were fading, and I went on a massive effort to create an archive and raised money to scan what turned out to be over 12k of negatives and related materials. As of 2023, I am still sorting and organizing.